How cute does baby Kion look?!


How cute does baby Kion look?!

A lot of ladies were shattered when actor Kay Sibiya revealed that he was off the market and very much smitten with his lady.

Months later, Nala and Kay announced that they were expecting their first child together. In July this year, the couple welcomed their baby boy.

We take it the two lovebirds were going according to tradition because they had not officially introduced their son to the public until recently. In some black homes, a baby is only introduced to the masses after 3 months. Although Kay and Nala shared snaps of the son prior, they never revealed his face until recently.

In an Instagram post, Kay wrote: " Simba + Nala = Kion. Simba’s cub has grown so much. It’s hard to believe you’re already 4 months my King."

Baby Kion is adorbs. Watch as he patiently waits to go to church