How did Lasizwe Dambuza do this trick?


How did Lasizwe Dambuza do this trick?

Lasizwewe is a comedian/ influencer and tv personality, he is well known for faking it till he made it. He is the most daring gay man in South Africa and it doesn’t hurt that his sister is the famous Khanyi Mbau.
Although they once had an misunderstanding once when allegedly lasizwe claimed Khanyi Mbau house as his , but they all pass that and are happy.

He once lied that he was dating the Skeem Sam actor Cedric known as Lehasa on the drama .


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Lasizwe is very daring in what he wears to weaves down to clothes, he recently Joined the treand set by uncle waffles for dressing with bagy pants and leave the sides of your undies out.

He recently was spotted with the cast member of the real housewives of Durban and was rocking in all white, but someone on Twitter was not impressed with his outfit and Photoshopped it to something decent.


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