How much do you know about Kwezi from Skeem Saam

How much do you know about Kwezi from Skeem Saam

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Actress Samukele Mkhize, also known to Skeem Saam viewers as Khwezi and the naïve Mabuyi in Isibaya.

It is said that the actress is currently in her early 30s.

She is currently trending day after day for her role on Skeem Saam as her storyline is currently in the forefront.

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Khwezi attempted to murder her fiance Lehasa after she found him in bed with ex Pretty. Unfortunatley for Lehasa he survived and is currently fighting for his life in hospital.

Police got in time before she could harm Pretty, however, she has pinned all the blame on her and is making it look like she wanted to kill her and Lehasa.

Her Childhood

Samukele grew up in a vi9llage called Maphophoma in Kwa Zulu Natal. Both her grandparents were pastors, and she grew up very active in the church.

She Is A Professional Singer

The actress is a talented singer who’s sang professionally in theatre. In 2006 she was part of a music group in her hometown.

There are videos of her online where she sings quiet beautifully on her social media.

There is even a music video where she is featured dating back to 2017.

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She Is A Fan of Terry Pheto

The actress i9s a fan of the award-winning Terry Pheto. A couple of years back she had the opportunity to meet her and this is what she had to say:

I recently had the pleasure and honor of meeting and conversing with her. I remember introducing myself, and she responded “I know you,,,I enjoy watching you” those words still echo within me and I must say I love and totally respect her for her work, and everything else!

Celia Magongwa Leaves Skeem Saam

Last week it was confirmed that Shoki Mmola has left Skeem Saam.

“Shoki will be missed by her fellow cast members, crew members and viewers watching at home. We wish her well and all the best with her future,” the channel confirmed.

The actress also confirmed this on her social media. She thanked everyone who has supported her in the last 28 years.

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Sebasa Mogale has been accused of being involved in a crypto scam and has since issued an official statement.

Sebasa says he has never coerced anyone to sign up in his presentations, and in fact encouraged everyone to do their own research.

“I took it upon myself to do my own due diligence before taking a decision to become a network marketer. In all my presentations Imposed or coerced anyone to sign up. In fact, I would encourage everyone to do their own research, especially because I know that not everyone is familiar with the cryptocurrency industry.

“I do not own a cryptocurrency mining or trading company, and under no circumstance have I ever claimed to a cryptocurrency expert, nor promised anyone guaranteed returns on their engagement in the business.”

He adds that everyone who has “signed up for his business has to fill access to their account which bears clear terms and conditions that state amongst other factors, that earnings are not guaranteed.”

According to the statement, In March 2020 Mogale received an e-mail from Carte Blanch with a query about the “false allegations made against him.” In is further stated that he responded to the e-mail with all the details and clarifications stated in this statement.
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The actor says “he has been accessible and remains accessible to all the individuals who were introduced to the business by him.

“The past couple of weeks have been tough for me and my family as there have been false accusations leveled against me on public platforms and I reserve my right to take legal action against any parties who injured my good name and reputaion,” he said.

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