Hungani Ndlovu confirms the rumors of separation with what he did

Hungani Ndlovu confirms the rumors of separation with what he did

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Another day on social media where stars get attacked by fans for wanting to know details about their love lives. Actor Hungani Ndlovu is no exception of being attacked as he just got bombarded with a question that he couldn’t answer to save his life.

Recently both Hungani and wife Stephanie Ndlovu took to YouTube and shocked their fans, followers, and viewers of their YouTube channel when they extensively discussed a topic of getting divorced. So, recently when Hungani Ndlovu attended an event, fans could not stomach the fact that his wife was not alongside him. However, it was his wife Stephanie Ndlovu who posed the question first. We the divorce news true? Nobody knows at this point.

However, Hungani Ndlovu had to endure the wrath of his fans on social media when they demanded to know where was his wife Stephanie Ndlovu hence he was riding solo. Taking to social media, Hungani Ndlovu was looking dapper while attending a red carpet, to which the captions suggests that he is in a celebratory mood for what is about to happen in his life.

“New chapter loading…Thank you Lord!🙏🏾✨” wrote Hungani Ndlovu.

Stephanie Ndlovu was the first to throw in the first punch by asking where was Hungani Ndlovu’s wife, referring to herself. Fans and followers jumped into the bandwagon and did not mince their words as they went for the jugular at the former Scandal! actor Hungani Ndlovu, while demanding answers about his wife whereabouts.

What is shocking is the fact that, although Hungani Ndlovu did not dignify any of the questions posed by the fans with an answer, he also did not answer his wife as well. Talking about playing tough. Now, this has raised a number of eyebrows on social media, as to why he would blue tick his own wife and not respond to her question.


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miss_sandows wrote “Can I ask… where is your wife in all these pictures. *asking for a friend*”

It is one thing to blue tick and ignore a fan on social media, especially if they are asking for too much than you can handle. However, ignoring your own spouse speaks volume and although the details around the Ndlovu’s marriage are still unknown, this was very bold of him to do.

Once Stephanie Ndlovu has already posed the question and was ignored. Fans came in their number to reiterate while demanding to know where was Stephanie Ndlovu hence Hungani Ndlovu was riding solo.

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