I am broke: Lusanda Mcinga falls on hard times

I am broke: Lusanda Mcinga falls on hard times

Mcinga, who is well-known for her work with the Lusanda Spiritual Group and her guitar playing, claims the Covid-19 pandemic dealt her a major financial blow, which in turn negatively affected her health.

All her vehicles were repossessed by the bank.

Betusile Mcinga, a rising star in the gospel industry thanks to his smash hit “Ngena Noah,” has Mcinga as a mother.

Mcinga has stated that she wishes she could record music as much now as she did back in 1995 when she first did so.

My health has been terrible ever since Covid-19. But no matter what happens, I want to be able to say that I’ve finally wrapped up my career in the music business.

There are financial account numbers in the video, but the Dispatch staff was unable to reach Mcinga to verify if they belonged to her.

Betusile claimed he was making similar attempts to contact her. As for her money problems, he politely declined to elaborate.

Siyabonga “Holy Man” Ndumbu, Mcinga’s manager, reportedly headed straight to her Mthatha residence to see how she was doing. Dispatch wasn’t able to reach him by phone.

Goodwill Nkuna, manager of sales and products at Gallo, recently revealed that the label no longer represented Lusanda Spiritual Group.

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