“I was once called barren.” DJ Lamiez Holworthy celebrates her son’s first birthday

“I was once called barren.” DJ Lamiez Holworthy celebrates her son’s first birthday

Before becoming pregnant, DJ Lamiez Holworthy revealed that she had received insulting comments. As her son Leano celebrated his first birthday yesterday, the mother of one shared what she was going through before getting pregnant, and she is grateful for where she is now.

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She stated that she was frequently called names and was nearly certain she would never become pregnant. After years of trying, the well-known DJ, who is married to rapper and businessman Khuli Chana, was blessed with a newborn boy on March 12 of last year.Khuli has two other kids from a previous relationship, and Lamiez has also embraced them, although social media trolls would often remind her that she was not their mother, according to Zimoja.

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Finally addressing the trolls, Lamiez said, “I have been a victim of insensitive haters who would often say the most outrageous things without considering my feelings. One comment that particularly hurt me was made by one of my followers, who called me barren. This shows how insensitive, vile, and downright people can be,” she said.

The talented DJ went to Instagram to pen down a message, thanking God for her son and how grateful she is for this journey of being pregnant and raising her son with her husband.She wrote:

And just like that-it’s been a whole year since I met the biggest piece of my heart. My son 🥺Ngwana o waka Omphile Serithi. Ke Lehumo laka. Proof that God exists. Proof that Badimo ba rona ba nale maatla.I have no words. Well at least not enough to express my love. God lives!!! Modimo o teng-Ke bona ka Leano. 🥺@khulichana01 thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Wame. 🥺


She believes that people need to understand two things. “First, not everyone can have children, despite how hard they try. Both women and men struggle with fertility, and it is the most painful of experiences. Second, not everyone wants to be a mother, and that’s perfectly okay,”

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DJ Lamiez concludes by saying that she thinks everyone should always be thankful for God’s blessings because He is the one who grants life.She became popular recently when ZiMoja disclosed that Sello Chicco Twala is her biological father. A family-close source said that Twala has been doing a great job in his roles as grandfather and father, and Lamiez and Chicco are in a great space together.

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