I wonder how Master KG feels about Makhadzi’s post about a stranger’s “meat”


I wonder how Master KG feels about Makhadzi’s post about a stranger’s “meat”

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Makhadzi is often a target for social media jokes because of her English. Her fans, although they love her, believe that she speaks terrible English. Now her recent post has left her fans not only confused, but also concerned about Master KG.

In a recent Facebook post, the Zwivhuya hitmaker shared a video of one of her favourite TikTokers. In the video, the Tik Toker sang along to one of her latest hit songs, and did a brief, funny skit to accompany it — you know how Tik Tok often works. On its own, the video was fun and definitely a mood booster.

But it was Makhadzi’s caption that set tongues wagging. She wrote that the guy always boosts her mood every week, and she would very much like to “meat him”.

It was obviously a typing error (meet and meat are only one letter apart). But the error was funny enough to send her fans on a rampage. Even though they all understood exactly what she intended to communicate with her caption, they have been poking fun at the error and drawing other conclusions.

It also doesn’t help that “meat” is often used as a euphemism for a man’s manhood, and fans have run away with the suggestion that she wants to sleep with him. Some have even gone as far as to suggest that this means that Master KG will be replaced soon, which is a hilarious suggestion.

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However, some of her fans are vexed that everyone would create an uproar over a typo. They are angry that Makhadzi is being made fun of because of something so trivial. They think that people should get off their high horses, and stop acting like they have never made a mistake in their own lives. Some are even hitting below the belt, berating those who are trolling her for laughing at someone who speaks worse English but is at least 10 times richer than them. Kurough!

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It’s all in good fun, though. Again, we are pretty sure everybody knows that she meant “meet”, so it’s all just some harmless fun. If there is one thing we know about Makhadzi, it’s that she is a proud African woman — she is the African Queen — so she literally doesn’t bother with the pressure to speak perfect English. If the roles were reversed, as some fans suggested, English people wouldn’t work so hard to speak perfect Venda, would they?

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