Idols SA: Kelly Khumalo’s comments were all negative about Berry.

Idols SA: Kelly Khumalo’s comments were all negative about Berry.

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Kelly Khumalo was hailed as being an excellent songstress and vocalist on tonight’s episode of IdolsSa! Be that as it may, she still caught fire when her comments at Berry weren’t well-received by viewers and were received as a reeking attitude and negativity for the contestant. Viewers also exclaimed that apart from what Kelly said to Berry, it did not sound like constructive criticism aimed at improving her but just criticism aiming to crush her and disable her from being a powerhouse.

Those who love and have seen the power held by Berry felt that Kelly Khumalo was hard on Berry without taking note of the fact that the song choice had something to do with the quality of the performance. With the right amount of support from her fans, the berry will still soar higher into the competition and prove the judges wrong because even Rendall has had questionable comments directed at Berry.

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It was not even the remarks but Kelly Khumalo’s facial expression and attitude towards Berry. Previous seasons good contestants would have bad weeks but not even once were crushed like Berry. But we will vote for it. Such bias judges #IdolsSA @zizipho_nzele

Kelly has some low-key jealousy towards Berry. She’s going out of her way to demotivate the poor child. Just not fit to be a judge #IdolsSA

Kelly Khumalo is wrong tho. Berry is fine, vocally.. She just had bad song choices.. Nothing else. #IdolsSA

#IdolsSA That was not the best song for Berry, but she killed it, I see what Randall was trying to do

What do you think? Was Kelly Khumalo being hard or Berry or her message got misunderstood by viewers and misinterpreted as jealousy?