Idols SA star Sneziey Msomi’s husband is accused of burning his ex-partner’s home.


Idols SA star Sneziey Msomi’s husband is accused of burning his ex-partner’s home.

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Idols SA star Sneziey Msomi’s husband Zolani Vusani has been embroiled in shocking allegations again. This time, Zolani is accused of burning his ex-partner’s home.

A Facebook user who claims to be related to Zolani’s ex-partner, alleges that Zolani burnt the mother of his children’s house with petrol.

Social media users have since reacted to the news and many are calling for Zolani to be arrested.

This is not the first time Zolani gets embroiled in damning accusations. Last year he was called out for scamming people.

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“Zolani Vusani is a manipulative, smooth talker of a guy. He goes by Zizo Vusani on his socials. This guy impregnated 3 girls in the same church then runs away from his responsibilities. He has once robbed a girl yase Assemblies of God that he engaged as well years back 15k,” @life_lifestyly tweeted.

Zolani tied the knot with the idol star late last year. Taking to her social media platforms to give fans a sneak peek inside their traditional wedding, the singer wrote: “In a world full of opinionated people I choose to look into your eyes with my ears listening to what God is teaching me about being your Proverbs 31.

” I choose you as my best friend, my brother and my husband, thank you for ukuhlonipha isiko lasekhaya ungazi nokuthi yini uMembeso you were excited kunami and you wanted to know everything Ngyabonga my Xhosa prince for ukuhlonipha umndeni wami the journey continues.” she wrote.”

She added that being with Zolani has taught her that people act right for who they want to act right for.

“It’s been a great 9months of love, respect, peace, support and achievements thank you for keeping your words to me and making me UMKAKHO umama wezingane zakho🥰To many more achievements and most importantly love that comes with peace. 🥂,” she added.

She also opened up to TshisaLIVE about their relationship. She shared that Zolani had a crush on her since 2017.

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“We started talking in the DMs. After we said hi we started video calling each other and then went on dates. We’re like best friends. He became my friend more than anything, which is what I needed,” she said.

Sneziey also told the publication that her husband ticks all her boxes. She added, “I’ve had boxes I want my man to tick, and I needed someone who would be supportive of my mental health, someone who won’t trigger my anxiety. To make sure of your wellbeing, that was the box he started ticking for me. Emotional and mental support were the first signs we were going somewhere. Another important thing for me in a guy is for him to fear God more than anything.”

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