Idols SA star Sneziey wouldn’t let people’s expectations control her life.

Idols SA star Sneziey wouldn’t let people’s expectations control her life.

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Aren’t we all familiar with Snezeiy from Season 15 of Idols South Africa? She was the finalist that came in second place. People will remember her for her vibrancy, smile, and lovely voice. We’re going to talk about what she just unintentionally disclosed to the public.

“There was a time when people said a lot of things,” the season 15 runner-up stated. Some even suggested that because I’m a celebrity, I should get a car.

Sneziey, whose true name is Snenhlanhla Msomi, is content with where she is and where her music career is at the moment. People believe they have the right to express their opinions regarding prominent figures. They overlook the fact that everyone has different priorities. God is in charge of her life and career, not others who want her to live up to their expectations.
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“I like my job because I don’t have to compete with anyone. Sneziey stated, “I believe my career is where God wants it to be.”

This year, her gospel CD, Izulu, received a Sama nomination.

Still Grateful, a song she wrote with Zandie Khumalo and the Umzumbe Inspirational Choir, is now being broadcast on radio and television.
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In regards to the song, she stated that her manager, DJ Kotini, offered her a song in which Zandie expressed interest in collaborating with her on its release.

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