Idols SA17 Nqobie Linda was brutally assaulted by her ex-Bae

Idols SA17 Nqobie Linda was brutally assaulted by her ex-Bae


Gender-based violence is one of the serious issues in Mzansi. They have spoken, and they are still speaking that men have no right to hit women, but seems like they don’t want to listen and never do it.

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Nqobisile ‘Nqobie’ Linda was a season 17 (2021) South African Idols contestant who was born on the 30th of September 1992 in Soweto, Gauteng. Nqobie made it up until to the Top 6. She was such an amazing singer and the majority of people were so disappointed when she got eliminated in the Top 5 reveal.

This 29-year-old songbird has just shared some sensitive pictures of herself on Instagram, brutally beaten up by her boyfriend. Her face is covered by terrible bruises and her eyes were left with blood clots. The caption of the post reads: (check out the screenshot below)

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The ex-boyfriend beat her up because she was no longer in love with him, who does such a barbaric thing like this though? You cannot force someone to love you. Some men seem to be forgetting that they have no right to own women, and they should learn to respect their decisions and choices. Just because they are more powerful than women that doesn’t necessarily mean they should abuse them.


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She tried to fight for herself but she couldn’t, because her power is not enough to fight with a man. Police should intervene in to this matter and arrest this man. He deserves to to rot in jail.

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