IdolsSA season 15 runner-up Sneziey Msomi


IdolsSA season 15 runner-up Sneziey Msomi

Sneziey didn’t care when people attacked her on social media. In fact, she was prepared. The Idols SA runner-up wants people insulting her and her gogo on social media, saying they own tokoloshes, to back off. Me and my gogo are not evil,” said Sneziey, whose real name is Snenhlanhla Msomi. I wish my mother was still alive so she can speak on my behalf.” I don’t have a tokoloshe and my gogo doesn’t own one. I’m a praying woman! Dumi Mkokstad and Jumbo can attest to this because they taught me how to pray.

I’d be a different version of Santa Claus. I’d specifically be that superhero that makes everyone’s dreams and visions a reality because growing up I always wished there was such a character in the real world.

I would play Effie White from Dreamgirls. She was played by Jennifer Hudson and I’ll always remember that classic line, “I know my worth but unfortunately not everyone can see it too.” Name three music icons you’d invite to your dinner party and why?
Brenda Mtambo, LeAndria Johnson and Kim Burrell because they are the individuals who’ve inspired my music journey and I look up to them.

Sneziey Msomi
I believe I’m an open book to everyone. Being raised by my grandmother molded me into this “old–sis, motherly girl” who’s always comforting others and pulling through for them. Plus, where there’s Sneziey, there’s laughter so I’d like to think my positivity helps me stand out. The emotional Msomi said the drama surrounding Viggy and Virginia’s exit from the competition had taken a toll on her, saying she had even lost weight due to the stress she’s incurred from the rumours about her bullying the twins.

“As painful as it has been, I pray that one day South Africa will realise that they hated me for doing absolutely nothing. The only thing I’ve done is sing. If that is bullying then I’m not going to apologise for it,” said the 25-year-old contestant as tears rolled down her cheeks. I always said I’m living my mom’s legacy. My mother had me at 16 years old and she was still hoping to become a great musician; so I always believe I’m living the dreams of my late mother.

She said she was grateful for the fans who had stuck by her and her parting words were: “Dear big girl out there, create your own definition of beauty. You are beautiful, enough and great. They almost made me lose that but here I am. Thanks to everyone who did not change their mind because of the rumours.