‘I’m grateful I’m healthy and alive and beautiful’, Nonhle Thema Celebrates Her 40th Birthday


‘I’m grateful I’m healthy and alive and beautiful’, Nonhle Thema Celebrates Her 40th Birthday

Nonhle Thema
Nonhle Thema

Media temperament Nonhle Thema includes a firm head on her shoulders and also the voice communication “life begins at forty” may ring true for her once she recently hit the massive 40.

On her Instagram she shared snaps of herself in athletic facility wear and shared along with her followers that she was celebrating her fortieth.

“Today I’m forty and not chasing, I’m OK as Pine Tree State. I’m N T forever. I’m simply grateful I’m healthy and alive and exquisite. I’m happy finally I athletic facility loads. I’m heath-focused.”
Nonhle Thema 1

In a separate post she shared an image throwing back to the time she was in l. a. sitting with U.S.A. singer and mega star Ceelo author.

Nonhle has lived a lifetime of reflection associated in true throwback vogue she did an interview in 2018 reflective on her journey in showbiz.
Nonhle Thema 3
In associate interview with Afternoon categorical Nonhle mirrored on it time and admitted she allowed fame to induce to her head.

“I was forever attempting to seek out my purpose. i used to be forever seeking it. i assumed the Nonhle I had become, the celebrity and everything, was the aim however it wasn’t. I started getting into an area wherever i used to be self-indulging. it had been all concerning Pine Tree State, which is not anybody’s purpose. Our purpose, I actually have learnt, is to serve.”

In a series of Instagram posts she has been taken with on herself and cathartic to the universe solely positive vibes.

“My humble manifestation to the universe is I want the Nonhle Thema whole be as huge because the Coca-Cola whole. thanks universe then it’s.”

She same she does not desire a 40-year-old.

“When i {used to be} young in my 20s I used to suppose forty year previouss were old. currently I’m forty and i am like wherever is that the adulthood ? I feel thus young recent and alive it can’t be forty. ne’er choose what you don’t understand. Lesson learnt.”

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