Imbewu: Zenzele’s big secret was revealed to everyone.

Imbewu: Zenzele’s big secret was revealed to everyone.

Zenzele had been plotting to get Buhle away from her family. He has been successful so far in Lying to her, but how long will he continue to lie???
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Zenzele’s plan is to kill the Bhengu family but leaving Buhle. Buhle is not aware of this neither is she aware of the fact that zenzele has is still a gangster.
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Buhle seems to be unsure of her relationship with Zenzele and does not fully trust him. Everything changes when Buhle overhears Zenzele’s plan to kill her whole family.

Buhle realizes that Zenzele has been lying to her all along. What will Buhle do, she loves Zenzele and she loves her family too. Will she choose love over everything or will she choose her family??


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We wonder what Zenzele will do once Buhle decides to leave him. Will he kill her along with the Bhengus. We can’t wait to see how the storyline unfolds.