ImbewuTheSeed: This is the painful way that Bhululu will die


ImbewuTheSeed: This is the painful way that Bhululu will die

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Over the past couple of weeks Bhululu has been causing havoc in the Bhengu family.

The more Zandile wants to keep her the more she has to sacrifice. Failure to honour the demands of Bhululu, will result to nothing but major consequences.

Next week the Bhululu story line comes to an end as the curse is reversed and Nkululeko wants nothing to do with Zandile.

Bhululu vanishes but he goes along with all of Zandile’s family members.

Meanwhile Nkululeko goes and finds comfort in Makhosazana. Will that lead to them officially dating?

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Monday 17 January 2022 Episode 981
After being riled up by Zandile, Nkululeko arrives at the Bhengu house and shockingly attacks MaZulu. What will become of this?

Tuesday 18 January 2022 Episode 982
Mpangele tells Zandile she needs to continue to please Bhululu if she wants to keep hold of Nkululeko. Shria chasesVanya away, kicks Jason out of the house and calls off the engagement.

Wednesday 19 January 2022 Episode 983
The Bhengu’s gather to pray for the baby, and Nkululeko arrives to donate his blood.

Thursday 20 January2022 Episode 984
Zithulele finds out it was the father’s blood that helped his Newborn daughter. Are they referring to him as the “father”?

Friday 21January 2022 Episode 985
The spell is reversed and Zandile is distraught when she learns that her family died. Nkululeko is done with Zandile. Zithulele arrives home with his new family.

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