Simphiwe Ngema celebrating another birthday in less than two weeks.

Simphiwe Ngema celebrating another birthday in less than two weeks.

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It’s a lucky story celebration season, with Simphiwe Ngema celebrating another birthday in less than two weeks.

Simz is doing her best in true Simz style to celebrate his boyfriend’s birthday, Tinotenda Chinyani today.

She goes to Instagram and writes to him one of the sweetest love letters you’ll ever see. She said, “Dear Tinotenda Chinyani. You have become Hennetogo, and ultimately a beautiful person to always seek and display. It’s an easy follow-up.

“You are really proud. Your life is inspirational and if this is just the beginning, I want to see soon what God is preparing for you. I love Baba Kabuka. You are an excellent father to our son and I am forever grateful for the gifts you have given me.

“I wish you love, joy and peace beyond human understanding, and I think one day I will be able to see myself through my eyes. I see the king. Happy Birthday. HUNGWE @ tino_chinyani (Let’s enjoy it like not someone’s parent) ”

Simz joked in his Instagram story that he had fun as if he had no children. Tino is the first to bring her in and tell her son that she wants to see, of course, jokingly telling Tiyani the fact that her mom doesn’t love him.

Simz took her man to Camps Bay to make his day more special. They get massages and eat really good food, but still can’t wait to see what we do, it’s a really fun and relaxing job.

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On August 29th, the Sims were celebrating their 32nd birthday, but the snap of that festival is to die for Tino also wrote a heartfelt message to The Sims and said that he thanked her.

“Today the Queen was born. Words can’t even describe how grateful I am to all of you. A loving, caring mother, a true friend, a sure support system, and an inspiration to many.

“It is rare in this lifetime to find a person whose inner beauty radiates so comfortably to everyone around him, but you still give compassion and act gracefully and gracefully. I look forward to building this empire for our species. I always promise to get over it.”

Tino ended his long post out of the table thanking him for welcoming Shin Huiwe into his life.

“Today we celebrate you and thank you for sharing your light in this world. You really have been sent to heaven. We thank the Lord for giving us angels in human form.”

1 month ago Sims She was found to be dissatisfied with being a celebrity. Sis said she was tired of the abuse that famous people have undergone for experiencing many hardships.

Simz used Instagram to show her frustrations with the results of fame and how much they despise them just for being in the limelight.

One thing about the sims she calls a troll, and she doesn’t mince her words while there. Tino will have a wonderful birthday weekend. becomes lighter.