In case you wondering why Boity and MacG are trending?

In case you wondering why Boity and MacG are trending?
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In a light game of ‘smash’, marry, or kill, Mac G made a very insulting comment about rapper Boity and her s.e.xual orientation. In the latest special edition episode of Podcast and Chill with Mac G and his partner in crime Sol Phenduka, they had Nota as their celebrity guest.

Mac G has changed the game when it comes to podcasting and that is quite evident. His latest episode premiered just 16 hours ago and already has almost 50 000 views, and its all thanks to the Twitter uproar. Kudos to his 162 000 subscribers as well!

In an insightful interview with music’s ‘least favourite person’, they decided to play a little game of smash, marry or kill. An audience member asked the hosts to pick between Thando Thabethe, Boity, and Bonang. Sol Phenduka easily said he would marry Boity, smash Bonang and Kill Thando Thabethe.

Mac G on the other hand said he would Marry Bonang, and he was hesitant to decide on who to smash or kill between Thando and Boity. After some time he said he can’t pick Boity because “everyone has f***k Boity.”

“So I’d kill Boity, f***k Thando, while I am screwing her I would ask her “what were you saying,” he said. Nota then added that Mac G killed Thando’s podcasting career, and her 300 views. Hectic!

Nota decided to be even spicier by saying he used to work for Slikour, so he’d definitely kill Bonang. For those who have been living under a rock the two (Slikour and Bonang) used to be an item.

Ever since the episode, Mac G trended for all the wrong reasons once again saying his comments about Boity were very distasteful.

“There’s freedom of speech and there’s disrespect, that MacG comment on Boity was out of line. Mad disrespectful. That guy needs to respect himself and other people for people to respect him.”

“South Africans and their sensitivity, no wonder we will never have shows like Family guy or the Simpsons because y’all are so sensitive to everything, MacG ‘s show is uncensored now Boity ‘s next reaction will prove if it’s true or not.”

“What’s the point of having a Podcast (with MacG ) if you can’t say what you feel? You can’t treat these guys like radio and TV, no broadcasting standards! They talk shxt for a living, they bound to offend someone, be it Boity or any of your fav. Thank you Nota,” users said.