Inno Matijane Left Mzansi Men Confused And Women Jealous of Him

Inno Matijane Left Mzansi Men Confused And Women Jealous of Him

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After all, Inno Matijane is a reality TV personality. He recently made online waves, but not for the reasons you may expect.

Inno recently posted photos of himself on social media. Mzansi was awestruck by the photo’s perspective and stance. Baby’s home!

Men couldn’t believe he looked as good as a lady in his images, which went viral on Twitter. His booty would often confound guys online, like Boity Thulo and Pearl Thusi do.

Fans couldn’t believe the diva is curvier than many Mzansi ladies. Imagine, women, having a flatter booty than Inno.

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But it wasn’t only his buttocks that was discussed. He is well-dressed, good-looking, and takes good care of himself.

Inno’s booty has previously sparked debate. He had previously perplexed both men and women, regardless of sexuality. Men came to congratulate him even if they had to say they were straight. The ladies were envious, but they knew he had it!

Angifuni Ukungasho is Inno’s first single of the year, featuring @dj skhatla Dj Skhatla and Heart Beats, Shimza DaMuzik, and Mr Nice Situations.

Fans congratulated him on a job well done as he announced the new song on social media. His fans have repeatedly stated that he has a lovely voice. We can immediately tell the song is a smash from the clip he shared on social media.

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Being publicly homosexual in Mzansi is difficult. It’s awful to see him mistreated for simply being himself. He previously posted a video of him arguing with a shop owner who refused to sell him a drink due to his sexuality. The store owner argued that his culture forbade him from interacting with homosexual individuals and that he might refuse to serve Inno.

While one might expect volunteers to help, spectators just observed, amused. The video received little compassion on social media.

But if Inno does nothing else, we love to watch him live his truth fearlessly. Also, Inno, could you quit the gym? We want to see.

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