Inno Morolong: I always help these clubs to make a lot of money


Inno Morolong: I always help these clubs to make a lot of money

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Controversial club promoter and host Inno Morolong recently went on a rant about being owed money by the clubs she works for.

The socialite recently took to her Instagram stories to expose clubs that had not paid her. She complained that despite all the hard work she brings and the full tables she attracts for some clubs still delay with her payment.

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She has spoken to name and shame as she put out the names of the clubs she was complaining about. The venues seem to be smaller places in Sandton: The Palace ZA and Hydro on Boulevard. She said they had been ignoring her phone calls and that she was finally ready to expose them.

That was all before she took her grievances to popular celebrity gossip site Maphepha Ndaba. Talking to the admin in the DMs, she said she is a single mom, so it is especially difficult for her when the payment is delayed. It looks like the page was able to help her put pressure on the clubs because as of a few hours ago she said that only one, Hydro, was yet to pay up.

Inno has further threatened to expose his phone numbers. She is tired of guys with money taking advantage of other people, and now she is ready to take off the gloves and play dirty, unless he pays up.

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One of her posts sounds like a threat of physical violence, though, as she has promised “Alex” that not even his bouncers or boys will be able to stop her.

This is especially alarming, as she is still embroiled in an alleged physical abuse case. Just recently, she was reported to have assaulted one of her party girls, beating her to a pulp, and the pictures were disturbing. The lady was reported to have opened a case against Inno, and as yet, we are awaiting further news on the saga.

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