Inno Matijane Made Some Permanent Changes To His Face

Inno Matijane Made Some Permanent Changes To His Face

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The star took to Instagram to share that he has decided to permanently remove his beard.

He said his skin is not healthy because of the beard especially after shaving.

“Here is before & after pictures of me with a beard and without a beard. What you see in the second pic is me getting my first laser beard removal.”

Sharing his after picture, Inno said his skin area where his beard was, has dark spots caused by ingrown hair.

“So I’m permanently removing a huge part of my beard so that I get my skin looking good everywhere & not have to deal with ingrown hair, skin cuts anymore. I’m getting my beard permanently removed,” he wrote.

He added that he can not wait for his fans to see his final look. He said he still has to go for 6 to 12 sessions to finish the whole process.

Reacting to Inno’s new look, @am_eve2 said: “You definitely going to rock more.”
Another fan wrote: “You are very beautiful Inno hle”

Inno recently celebrated 1 Million followers on Facebook.
“Y’all I just reached 1 million followers on Facebook so I’m celebrating everywhere,” he wrote on his social media platforms.


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A few weeks ago, he announced that he will no longer be part of the popular Moja Love reality TV show called ‘The Way Ngingakhona.’

He tweeted: “And that was my last episode of me signing out on #TheWayNgingakhona see you at the reunion for my last appearance on the show. It’s been a long journey, but my time has ended. Don’t stop telling Queer stories, we matter. Decided to leave. Thank you for loving me.”

He told Daily Sun that he will be venturing into other things including his new business. He also told the publication that, given a chance, he will do another reality show.
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“It’s just time to do move on to the things that I have always wanted to do, like acting, radio, and TV presenting. Everything has its expiry date and it’s important to learn when to walk away from something…

“I will be focusing on my music and I am launching a cosmetic line. I am now focusing on my entrepreneurial skills. It seems like a lot at once but I believe I am limitless.”

Inno was one of the most popular personalities on the show including Tholang Motsumi and MJ just to mention a few.