Is Max Lechaba the cause of Sophie Ndaba’s problems?

Is Max Lechaba the cause of Sophie Ndaba’s problems?


Sophie Ndaba’s son Lwandle “Ocean L” Ndaba he’s too much… Thanks to his abusive stepfather who introduced us to him. Lwandle came out and stood up for his mother.

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Sophie Ndaba pit herself and her son in this position. Why didn’t she leave as soon as she see the devil in him. Why???

She thought he will change?

She is responsible for accepting a man of that type in her life. It’s her choices. Bad once

Very catchy beat but maybe Sophie Ndaba also just needs a break,she’s had too many marriages and bound to come across toxic men. Also doesn’t the biological father deserve a song too?

Sophie Ndaba has been through a lot, I have an issues with someone coming into one’s life to cause more damage knowing what the other person has been through. That’s not right!
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Sophie ndaba son went personal on that song, he’s going through a lot . So many young talents are dealing with horrible step fathers. Lucky he’s using his voice to be heard not a knife.

Black men, especially fathers are being targeted and demonized when things go wrong in marriages and it is destroying the family structure. Just my opinion. Its takes two to tango. Your momma is not an angel my boy look inside.

Finding love again can come at a huge price tag when it comes to your kids…not many women find “the one” after having children. At some point one needs to protect the kids from such experiences, I’m sorry Sophie Ndaba/Lichaba went through this with her son.