Is Pearl a bad interviewer?

Is Pearl a bad interviewer?

Looks like Pearl Thusi is under scrutiny for that (painful) interview with her friend AKA on her show, Behind The Story on BET Africa.

Pearl took a couple of shots from the streets of social media when after she did the interview with hip hop star, AKA. A resounding theme among all the Twitter chatter was that ultimately the interview between AKA and Pearl could have been better seeing as Pearl was in the thick of some of the drama that took place-ie: DJ Zinhle vs Bonang vs AKA.

It's been a good couple of days since that interview aired but everyone loves a good repeat episode, right?

It looks like one viewer caught the interview recently and sparked a debate on social media with this eye opening tweet.

Of course, the Tweeps are split between those who agree and those who disagree but as far as Pearl making a comment about these clapbacks by Redi-her lips are sealed.

In fact, Pearl is just looking forward to tonight's episode of Behind The Story with special guest Kelly Khumalo.

If there is one thing that Pearl is doing right without any second thoughts-it's that she gets the people going.