Muvhango: Is there a reason that can make KK forgives Kgosi

Muvhango: Is there a reason that can make KK forgives Kgosi


KK asked his son Kgosi to withdraw money for him before he can skip the country after he was forced by Chief of Thathe Mulalo. Kgosi did as his dad requested but Kgosi did go to the police and tell them everything about the plans of his dad. He even showed the police the money he requested. They followed him to give KK money in a bag, immediately they bugged goodbye they caught him. He was arrested by that with the help of Kgosi who betrayed his dad.
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The day came when KK had to be released, his son came to take him home by car. When KK saw Kgosi fetch him he said, m not going anywhere with a traitor like you. He refused to get in the car and said he cannot go with traitors. He begged him but he said from now on you are no longer my son.

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When KK is out of jail he went to Waterfall restaurant to find something to eat. He bought sandwiches and tea to eat, while he was busy enjoying his food, Kgosi his son showed up to asked for forgiveness but KK said I can’t eat in peace my food. Kgosi said I thought you are who murdered Mpfareni. KK immediately took the car keys from Kgosi and he told him to pack his things and leave his house.

. When Kgosi and Marang were talking, the woman from the property evaluates the house. While they were surprised she told them that I was sent by the owner of this house to put it on the market. While the lady was busy evaluating the house, Kgosi called his dad KK to inform him that there is a woman evaluating the house, are you selling it, papa? He said yes pack your things and leave my house because you betrayed your father.

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Kgosi had no place to stay so he took his things and go to stay with MaHangwana. He showed up unannounced with bags, he asked to stay with her. She agreed to stay with him after Kgosi told her that his dad sold the house. MaHangwana told Kgosi that I, l be glad to stay with my grandson. She showed him the room where he can put his luggage and sleep there. Then her grandmother MaHangwana cooked him his favorite food to eat.

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