Isencane Lengane: fans are angry with Siyacela after what he did to Thando father

Isencane Lengane: fans are angry with Siyacela after what he did to Thando father

Isencane Lengane” is one such show for normalizing teenage marriages. But love it or loathe it, there is a “Jerry Springer” type conditioned audience for shows like this and others in a similar vein like MTV’s “16 and pregnant” and Moja Love’s “Uyajola 9/9”.

Siyacela Dlamuka is a famous South African reality Tv star on Isencane Lengane. He is also the son of Bab Dlamuke.

He raised to fame after he was featured in the famous reality show Isencane Lengane. Siyacela is popularly known for getting married to his girlfriend at the age of 16.

In 2019, South African star Siyacela went viral for getting married to his 15-year-old girl. Though he was young, his story received a lot of criticism and backlash.

Thando is a South African girl, who became famous after she got married to Siyacela.

Ever since Siyacela got married to Thando people have been complaining about how Siyacela is treating Thando. In the last episode, people were complaining saying Thando should leave Siyacela because Siyacela is abusive towards her. Because He beat up Thando.

Though people have tried to convince Thando to leave Siyacela, it looks like she won’t do it.

The more they try to help her, the more they push her straight into the hands of Siyacela. Because Thando is now allowing Siyacela to disrespect her father.

Yesterday’s episode got people fuming after the way Siyacela spoke to Thando’s father, telling him his not father enough to be the father to Thando, and instead of Thando Defending her father, she just stood there defending Siyacela.

This got a lot of people angry, as people feel that there was something wrong with Thando, not see that Siyacela is disrespectful.

Someone even commented saying I don’t understand the teaching in this and the point the writer is trying to raise to the youth because this is nonsense.

While someone commented saying that the nerve of this idiot that didn’t finish school to insult an elder like that.

This guy irritates the hell out of me. Nothing makes sense in that marriage, Nothing whatsoever.

If Thando is not careful, she will lose all her family members, she will be left with Siyacela who abuses her. Because by doing what she is doing she is chasing the people who love her away.

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