Isencane Lengane: Mzansi wishes a stronger new season


Isencane Lengane: Mzansi wishes a stronger new season

Isencane Lengane is a reality show that’s based on a young couple’s personal life and airs on the DSTV Moja Love channel. Isencane Lengane is one of Mzansi’s favorites and considered the best South African show.

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Siyacela Dlamuka and his wife Thando Msomi-Dlamuka caught the eye of Mzansi while their relationship was at Lobola negotiations and got married while Siyacela was 17 and Thando at 16 years.

The famous show was playing every Saturday nighttime, and it’s been a month since the season ended and Mzansi worried if they’ll see Siyacela and Thando on-screen ago.

In the last episode, Thando was supposed to meet up with her father at the restaurant but she didn’t show up. While trying to call her Thando’s cellphone was answered by unknown woman saying Thando was rushed to the hospital due to a stomach bug.

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He first went to one of his old relatives, he was seeking advice. He was told to involve the police because no one was allowing him to talk to his daughter.

The production/ cameraman of Isencane Lengane’s show spotted Siyacela and Thando in a parking lot and soon after they disappeared out of nowhere.

In 2021 Thando was doing her matric after finishing her matric exams they left to Durban while it’s was time of recording.

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