IsencaneLengane: Siyacela taking Thando out on such dates

IsencaneLengane: Siyacela taking Thando out on such dates

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Siyacela managed to upset viewers the moment he appeared on the screen. It did not take long before viewers realized that Siyacela was being romantic to Manto and actually took her out to a fancy restaurant where he proposed and asked her to be his wife.

So many viewers felt that Siyacela was unfair to be treating Manto so kindly when he has never even done something nearly romantic for Thando who loved him even through thick and thin. Others rectified the misconception and reminded them that Siyacela once took Thando to Durban and bought her a coffee mug.

The fact that he continued with proposing to his girlfriend without Thando’s approval shows just how much he disrespects her and does not see her as worthy of having an opinion on his choice which will ultimately affect him as well.

A lot of viewers are hoping that this will be the final straw and that Thando will leave, but with how he has been treating her and her tolerance of it, it is unlikely that she will.

I think that Thando should cut her losses and leave Siyacela because she has exams to write and having to deal with her husband taking another wife will only affect her grades and lower her chances of pursuing her tertiary studies as she wishes. Siyacela could have waited for another time before overwhelming Thando with such a burden but he chose the most inconvenient time because he does not understand that exams need a particular level of respect.

This boy never loved Thando, you can tell by the way he treats her and disrespect her family. Now this new girl’s family are taking him he doesn’t even say a word. #isencaneLengane
#isencaneLengane Thando who dismissed Siyacela’s grandmother’s advice is now being showed flames…
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I’m so upset, I don’t remember Siyacela taking Thando out since they got married but he took Manto out #isencaneLengane @brie_msimanga

I’ve never seen Siyacela taking Thando out on such dates or any date for that matter 😏. Unless he did before I started watching the show 🤔 #isencaneLengane

Thoughts? Do you think Siyacela does not do this for Thando because he does not love her as much?
Isencane Lengane has taken a twist, what was meant to celebrate the beauty of young love is now about a womanizer who cheats on his wife in broad daylight with cameras rolling. The young husband was out on a date with his now favourite person Mato. It seems to be a trend in KZN for women to go for a married man. Shows like Mnakwethu and isthembu have proven this fact. Mato knows for a fact that Siyacela is married but she went for him regardless. The question remains though how long will his relationship with Mato be sustained. It seems Siyacela gives you a timeline then goes for the next person.

Despite that in a conversation with her mother. Thando was sharing the szecrets of her marriage and she told her mother she no longer loved Siyacela. Thando said she’s only staying because of her studies. For the past weeks people have been begging that Thando leave Siyacela and it seems she has realised it.

Thando is still very young and has a bright future ahead of her. The purpose of the show no longer exists. Probably Siyacela is still a boy who took a man decision whilst he still wanted to act like a boy. The most disappointing people are his brothers, they support Siyacela’s extra marital affair. They are not loyal to the family name, why should they allow their brother to tarnish their name like this, unless they are womanizers themselves or don’t wish good upon Siyacela.

However Thando finally agreeing there’s no love anymore gives us hope that she’s finally seen light. Thando was a fan favourite from the beginning of the show and most people knew shee deserved better than what she allowed. Thando has admitted to being in a physical fight with her husband. However on the show you see the abusive is deep. It is also emotionally Siyacela’s had scar’d this young woman for a lifetime. The best decision she could ever do for herself is to leave.

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