IsencaneLengane: Siyacela was kissing Zinhle and Thando was present

IsencaneLengane: Siyacela was kissing Zinhle and Thando was present

The return of Isencane Lengane is about to be epic, there is a lot of drama. We all know that the moja love reality shows always come back more dramatic, and people are excited about the return.

The show has been gone for a while since Thando gave birth to her son. People are hoping to see a new Thando, that will stand up to Siyacela. In the previous season, Siyacela allegedly cheated on Thando with Zinhle. People hope that is over, Siyacela is supporting Thando with their baby.

As we all know that snippets are mostly highlights or dramatic scenes that are going to take place in a reality show or any show. Moja love decides to share Isencane Lengane’s snippet because it will be returning to our screens soon.

The Snippet/Glimpse

Thando finally met Zinhle, it looks like Siyacela will also be there when they apparently meet for the first time. Thando asked Siyacela to kiss Zinhle so she can see that they are back together, “stop wasting time, kiss me” said Zinhle to Siyacela. At that point, Thando was waiting for Siyacela to kiss Zinhle.

Siyacela was about to kiss Zinhle in front of Thando but Thando quickly stood up and poured them with a drink. The video/snippet shows everything clear, a link is provided at the end of the article. Thando is going to ask her father for DNA because he apparently denied her when she was a child. A lot is going to happen in the new season, there is also a part where Thando slapped Siyacela. People doubt the slap because it looked like a playing slap.

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