IsencaneLengane : Thando And Manto Finally Meet

IsencaneLengane : Thando And Manto Finally Meet

Isencane Lengane is probably one of the reality shows that has left people angry from season 1. This is because it is based on the lives of two young people who decided to get married when they were teenagers and, from their own views, have been following their lives as a couple and trying to see how they would handle such a big commitment at the ages of 15 and 16. When the reality show first started, many people were not happy about this healthy marriage that was taking place, but the couple was adamant that they were going to get married because they loved each other and wanted to spend the rest of their lives with each other.

But many people believe that they are not ready yet for such an adult decision because they still have a future to look forward to and also the opportunity to meet other people once they are in their adult lives and able to make better decisions and choices. Since they have been married, their marriage has taken a left turn, with viewers being left angry every week of watching the show, most especially by Siyacela, who is the husband that many think Thando does not deserve. In the previous seasons of the show, things were not good between the two, and even abuse allegations were brought up.

Viewers were constantly advising Thando to leave because she was not happy in her marriage; it even resulted in her doing badly in her matric year. And while viewers thought Thando would make the right decision and divorce, she fell pregnant with their first child. The Lady Season ended on a bad note, but with the couple welcoming their first child.

A new season is coming, and it seems like things are even worse in Thando and Siyacela’s marriage. From the preview that was shown, Thando will get to meet Siyacela’s girlfriend, Manto, and she will not be happy. The two will verbally fight, and Thando will throw a drink at Manto, while Manto states that she will continue dating Siyacela. Thando will also ask her father for a DNA test since he denied her when she was a child, and now she wants to make sure.

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