#IsencaneLengane Thando’s father-in-law has bigger plans for her

#IsencaneLengane Thando’s father-in-law has bigger plans for her

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Thando and Siyacela Dlamuka married when they were sixteen years old. When it was revealed that they were both in high school at the time, most people were taken aback. On Mojalove’s reality show Isencane Lengane, they were first introduced to the rest of the country


Season one took viewers on a journey with the couple from the beginning of their relationship to the wedding planning process. They adhered to all of the traditional formalities, according to Siyacela’s father.

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Thando has become more bold and opinionated than she was on season one. She has no qualms about speaking her opinion. She didn’t shy away from informing her 19-year-old husband that if he wants a second wife she will leave him. The husband says he wants to take a second wife, because a woman becomes disrespectful when she is alone in the marriage. She said he should try it and he will have to watch her leave. She has also said that being patient in a bad marriage isn’t all there is to life.

Her teenage husband is currently unemployed, and a high school drop out She has made it clear that marriage is not a goal for her, and also not an end of life because she wants to continue her education and work as a social worker.

Viewers believe Siyacela has no goals nor ambitions. Unlike Thando, all he cares about is getting a second wife, and doing the deed. Viewers also think that if she gives him a child, she will now have to take care of two kids, the real baby, and her husband. They believe that this will drag her back, and disturb her from reaching her goals.

Viewers were truly happy on tonight’s episode, when her father inlaw said he has put money aside for her to go to varsity. They applauded him for speaking like a carrying father. Viewers really want to see Thando persue her dreams and live like girls her age. They can’t wait for her to pass her Matric and go to varsity.