IsencaneLengane: Thando’s mother told Siyacela the truth

IsencaneLengane: Thando’s mother told Siyacela the truth

Now, there are matters that still have to be addressed when it comes to the role that Thando’s mom plays in her daughter’s life and this goes without saying.

There were questions about Thando’s parents and if they are really there for Thando as they should or if they are showing up for her because there is something they stand to benefit.

And the thing about the relationship between Thando and her mother is that it is quite complicated and Thando has said this on several occasions, she mentioned again in the latest episode that she does not get along with her mom because she is too strict.

Some things have obviously changed, Thando is a married woman and she is also a mother now. And there are certain things that have made it hard for Thando to reach out to her mother, the constant shouting is one of the reasons.

As seen during the show, Thando got a visit from her mother, she was there to see the newborn baby and there were some issues that she addressed regarding some of the decisions that Thando took.

It is easy to tell how Thando’s mother feels about Siyacela, she does not like him at all and after the altercation, she had with him, one can conclude that they probably will never see eye to eye.

And this is a huge concern because Thando is stuck in the middle, last night’s episode proved a lot and one really has to make mention of this.

The altercation between Thando’s mom and Siyacela got out of control very quickly and it is obvious that people would pay attention to how Siyacela reacted. Now, Thando’s mom surely hears a lot about what is, supposedly happening in her daughter’s marriage.

And as a mother, she felt the need to intervene and ask questions about what is going on, she confronted Siyacela about what she had heard from someone.

Everything went south, there was shouting and the viewers were shocked that Siyacela swore at Thando’s mother.

A lot of people who watch the show actually hate Siyacela and what he said last night was a reminder that he still does not respect Thando’s parents.

And this is unfortunate because there will always be problems as long as they do not make the decision to put their differences aside. As for Siyacela, it seems like he has no intention of resolving anything because he believes that respect is earned.

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