It’s been confirmed R Kelly is not out of prison yet.

It’s been confirmed R Kelly is not out of prison yet.

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In the early hours of Thursday (June 3), rumors started circulating on social media that the R&B superstar had been released from prison, where he’s awaiting two separate trials in Chicago and ny on a series of kid sex abuse charges.

The photo shows Kelly walking out of Chicago’s Cook County Jail with a person who appears to be his lawyer. “R Kelly is out,” read one tweet.

Kelly’s name started trending amid speculation that he was a free man, but there’s no truth to the rumors. In fact, the photo is over two years old and was taken back in March 2019 when Kelly walked out of a Chicago jail after paying off the $161,000 in support payment he owed his ex-wife.

The 54-year-old singer has been behind bars since his arrest in July 2019. he’s accused of filming himself having sex with underage girls and of paying off witnesses and victims in his 2008 kiddie porn trial. In December, a federal judge delayed Kelly’s trial in Chicago thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. His new trial date for the Chicago case is Sept. 13.

His second trial in Brooklyn court was also held off due to COVID and is now slated to maneuver forward on Aug. 9. In April, a federal judge approved a choice to maneuver the incarcerated singer from Chicago’s Metropolitan Correctional Center to ny City before the sex-trafficking trial.

Kelly is facing decades in prison if convicted in either federal case.

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R Kelly had been held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago, but now thanks to a photo doing the rounds on social media, word is that the star is a free man once again… at least until the start of his trial.

Sad news if you’re a fan: It has been confirmed that it’s actually a photo that was taken way back in March 2019 by the Times Union. When the photo was snapped, Kelly was walking alongside his lawyer away from Cook County Jail after he had agreed to pay $100 000 in back child support which he owed at the time to his ex-wife Andrea.



Back in April, Kelly, appeared telephonically along with his legal team for a status hearing related to the start of his trial, which has been set for 9 August 2021. Questionnaires to potential jurors will begin to be sent out on July 26.

It was also reported that a federal judge gave the green light to move R Kelly from Chicago to a correctional centre in New York City to go on trial after several delays. Prosecutors in Brooklyn claim Kelly led an enterprise made up of his managers, bodyguards and other employees who helped him recruit women and girls for sex.

Michael Leonard, an attorney on Kelly’s legal team has been quoted by Billboard as saying that the singer is looking forward to the upcoming trial.

“He’s excited about the possibility of his case to be heard in a fulsome way where witness testimony can be tested and put in the proper context,” Leonard said.