Jabulani knows a lot of Thandi’s secrets and he is not scared to talk

Jabulani knows a lot of Thandi’s secrets and he is not scared to talk

2 6 Jabulani knows a lot of Thandi's secrets and he is not scared to talk

Mzansi has been saying that Bongani Fassie need to focus in the future and top looking at the past. Apparently Bongani Fassie has not yet find peace in his life and he is now looking g for a closure in rfer for his life to be successful.

Some viewers think what is needed is closure and that something he didn’t get. His still hurting a lot from what happened l. Some viewers think that Bongani must contact Thembi maybe he will get the closure he needs.

Bongani and Buhle need to let go of certain things from their past. It’s very clear they won’t be getting any answers from any of their elders.

In the latest episode of #FindingBonganiFassie we see Bongani trying to get answers on what happened to her father Dumisani. Bongani is such a peaceful person but his fans and followers were not impressed with him.

Mzansi have like his brother Jabulani, he looks like he fights for his siblings. Fans have commend him in the show.

Bongani Fassie and Jabulani were seen seating in a table with Mam Thandie. They were asking her about the death of their father. Apparently we didn’t hear Mam Thandie denying anything. She was heard saying that Jabulani is a looser and he hit back saying that she is a murderer

Jabulani and Bongani what to know what happened to their fathers estate. This come after it was revealed that Mam Thandie is the one who have inherited all Dumisani’s wealthy and his estate. Viewers are not convinced that Jabulani knows a lot of Thandi’s secrets and he’not scared to talk. However we didn’t hear her denying anything or answer why Dumisani’s estate was paid out to her, when they were not married and he had kids, who received nothing.

Many viewers just wish that Bongani could invest all this energy to self development. What is he going to do with who killed his father and go for counseling to get help to cope with his life struggles, to deal with his issues.