JazziQ is still heartbroken and shattered by the deaths of his brothers


JazziQ is still heartbroken and shattered by the deaths of his brothers

Mr. JazziQ took to social media to pen heartfelt messages to his late friends Mpura, Killer Kau, and DJ Papers. Amapiano stars are like a close-knit family who show each other unending support. We see it with Lady Du who extends a helping hand to everyone in the genre.
JazziQ is still heartbroken

The Woza hitmaker took to his social media pages to pay tribute to his close friends Mpura and Killer Kau who passed away as a result of a car accident. Their car collided with another on the N4 on their way to a gig in Rustenburg.

He said their deaths caused a huge hole in his heart, “These past few years I’ve lost so many people close to me and it’s left a very deep place in my heart. I still say it’s not a loss but still one of a few memories,” he said.

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Penning a short letter to Killer Kau, JazziQ described him as a free-spirited soul “I could possibly write a book about you, as a free spirited soul. Your warm heart and coal burnt voice. The experience I’ve had with you will forever be cherished. I love you ntwana yam.”

He then spoke about Mpura and how close they were, to the point where they became brothers, “With you I didn’t lose a friend or an acquaintance but someone who became a brother. I’m still saying it hurts. I miss you.”

JazziQ was accused of doing the most despicable thing to his friends by Everything SA Music host Rea Gopane. He said JazziQ sacrificed the two of them for his career and that left JazziQ emotional.

“The entire entertainment industry looked passed the fact that JazziQ sacrificed Killer Kau and Mpura…for the betterment of his career,” alleged Rea. “The day after they died, he went to Ghana…” implying that the so-called ritual was done there.

Rea added, “I’m just saying, we are not reading between the lines…the sacrifice is right there and everybody missed it.”

When asked to apologise through JazziQ’s lawyers, Rea said he will not do that because JazziQ thinks he is better than everyone, “I’m not gonna apologise to JazziQ, he’s an as**ole. I am a huge fan of him but I just do not like his personality.”

In the legal letters, his legal team said the video “maliciously defames Tumelo Manyoni (his real name).”
The letter then continues, “While we do not know where the heinous allegations levelled against Mr. Manyoni emanate from, we do know the following: The allegations are void of any truth and are harmful, the facts around Mr. Manyoni’s conduct and whereabouts, as explained by Reatlegile Gopane are worrisomely inaccurate, and, the allegations have had a severe impact on Mr. Manyoni both emotionally and psychologically.”

They demanded that the team “publicly withdraw(s) their comments and apologise, as well as remove the video from it’s entirety from the channel. That includes on ALL social media platforms.

“The matter will not be pursued civilly and criminally.”

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