Jessica Nkosi back with ex TK after he allegedly cheated

Jessica Nkosi back with ex TK after he allegedly cheated

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Jessica Nkosi and TK Dlamini, are the cutest thing ever, and although they’re trying to stay all aspects of rekindling their love hush-hush, we love those rare moments once they give us glimpses of their dates and their co-parenting skills.

Yesterday, TK celebrated his birthday, and Jessica decided to spoil him with a couple of expensive designer items and sis went all out. the previous Uzalo actor posted a video of them at a Louis Vuitton store with the caption “Birthday spoils,”

The video was followed by an image of Louis Vuitton and Gucci gift bags, yaas girl spoil your baby daddy!

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In other news, the pair recently posted snaps of them enjoying a lunch date, proving that they were together and that they had a blast.

Jessica posted a video on her stories toasting a drink with TK Dlamini but only showing off his hand, with a Louis Vuitton wallet case on the table. The actress captioned her video ‘Ngikhishiwe’- which suggests someone has taken her out, with a heart emoji.

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Jessica also posted her meal expressing how yummy it looked and TK posted a snap of his meal with an equivalent Louis Vuitton wallet case on the table.

Last year Jessica exposed him out on IG and said to the lady who was seeing him can continue doing so with none fear, ” To you who is seeing the daddy of my child behind my back, you’re liberal to be with him freely now, no more hiding lol, enjoy babe”