Joe Kazadi is inconsolable following the murder of his brother who was allegedly shot and killed in Congo.


Joe Kazadi is inconsolable following the murder of his brother who was allegedly shot and killed in Congo.

TV heartthrob Joe Kazadi, is in mourning following the tragic passing of his brother Chris Kazadi.

Messages of condolences are pouring in on social media following his untimely passing. Chris was a rising media mogul and the founder of the media company Click Media SA.

He made a name for himself in the SA media industry and his death is a great loss to industry. The media personality had just attended the prestigious Forbes Under 30 Summit in Botswana last week.

According to reports, he was allegedly shot and killed in Congo. His brother Joe Kazadi, is still struggling to come to terms with his passing. In an emotional post on his Instagram page, Joe paid tribute to him for breaking boundaries in the media industry and making a name for himself.

“My blood first of all as your Big bro I am so proud of you Kazadi wa mawu, you did the impossible in a country that not our own. From the south where we saw some of the hardest struggles as foreign kids , you rised up like it’s was home. Kazadi what will be my career without you my bro! Few days ago we were supposed to go out for a drink and plan our new venture and when I couldn’t make it , wow you were so disappointed but now I understand Chris.”

He said he is heartbroken that he got killed back at home where he was supposed to be safe. “Now I am at the back of a car crying on my way to go comfort Mom. I am so sorry my G I am sorry that our own killed you at home where you supposed to be safe. I am sorry that we weren’t there to protect you.”
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Tumi Tladi has also expressed his heartbreak at his untimely passing. In a post he wrote “Can’t believe you gone bro, thank you for always looking out for me especially through my mental struggle and financial struggles, I wanted to pay you back now I’ll have to in the next life, I’m sorry they did this to you bro, you had such big plans for yourself and for us and it kills me knowing they took that away from you, took you away from your family. Thank you for being the pure hearted person you are to the very end, God really chose you cause there’s no other way to explain how you could leave us so soon. Rest in peace my brother, love you.”

In a post shared by his company on Facebook, the family said they are asking for prayers and patience.

May his soul rest in peace.

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