Joe Shirimane I fled to Chuassa to save my three children from death


Joe Shirimane I fled to Chuassa to save my three children from death

I HAD to tshwasa to save my three children from death!” These are the words of The Xitsonga traditional music sensation, Joe Shirimane (50). The singer says he was scared to take the path but had no choice as his children were in danger. He says he was told by ancestral spirits to thwasa but was reluctant and every time he visited traditional healers and sangomas they would say he was going to lose his children if didn’t answer the calling. The singer said he also nearly lost eyesight as well. I even struggled to drive and watching tv was a nightmare,” said Joe. Shirimane told Daily Sun that he wasn’t going crazy, but it was signs of the calling.

“I consulted sangomas and prophets they all told me to thwasa because my world would collapse and my three children would die, but they didn’t tell me how,” he said I became a sangoma in 2010 and ever since I did so everything is going back to normal. I look young and I have a lot of energy in the music industry,” he said. He added that: “Meeting different people makes me happy. When people dance to my music and listen to the message, I’m glad I know I will be impacting lives.

Joe Shirimane

“Even though I’m a sangoma I want to spend the rest of my life in music. Joe said he treats both of his callings equal “I hate fake Sangomas because they are destroying our image. Joe said he has a certificate to be a sangoma and is calling all those who are operating without certificates to be stopped by the government. The bogus sangomas are killing people as they are after money Real sangomas are not rushing after money,

“Those who give people doom, rats’ poisons and snakes in the name of God must be stopped because it’s wrong,” He said after becoming a Sangoma he has released 9 albums including Banana in 2011, Hawu ramina in 2012, Katika in 2013, Judgement Day in 2014 and Pengula in 2015.