WATCH: ‘Joslin update’ Fresh footprints, kids’ shoes and possible sighting of missing child?


WATCH: ‘Joslin update’ Fresh footprints, kids’ shoes and possible sighting of missing child?

Find Joslin Smith: Gayton McKenzie has offered an update on fresh footprints and a pair of pink Crocs found on a Saldanha Bay beach.

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Patriotic Alliance leader Gayton McKenzie claims his group of volunteers have found a fresh pair of footprints and a child’s shoe on a local beach, which they believe belong to missing Saldanha Bay girl Joslin Smith.

To add another twist to the gripping chase unfolding on social media is a tip-off of a possible sighting of the young girl and Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town.


The outspoken politician has been sharing his quest to find the seven-year-old via his Facebook Live.

Last week, Joslin went missing from her home in Diazville while under the care of her mother’s boyfriend.

Speaking on his Facebook Live on Thursday, 29 February, Gayton McKenzie offered new information from his search party delegation.

According to the PA leader, the group discovered a fresh pair of footprints and a pink girls Croc shoe on a local beach in Saldanha Bay.

He said in a Facebook Live: “We want her mother to tell us if it is Joslin’s shoe. Where the shoe fell, there are footsteps, which means Joslin is alive.”

Gayton claims he will be meeting with Joslin’s mother, Kelly, to determine if the shoe belonged to the missing child.

Take a look at the video that has gone viral on social media…

Posted by Gayton Mckenzie on Thursday, 29 February 2024
Meanwhile, fellow community member Allister Sauls, also known as “Oom Biza,” documented on his own Facebook Live his investigation into the missing shoe.

Quick update …they never came with the key

Posted by Oom Biza Van Die Kaap on Thursday, 29 February 2024

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Meanwhile, Gayton McKenzie also offered an update about a restricted room in a municipal building in Saldanha Bay that the public had yet to search for.

McKenzie and his crew camped outside the building on Wednesday night after not being granted access to search it.

“Up until now, we still have not gone in the room”, he said.

When asked why he did not break the door down on his own accord, he responded: “There is a possibility that she is alive or dead.

“If she is dead, you want the people who killed her not to get off scot-free. You don’t want to contaminate the crime scene. That’s the uncomfortable truth. We also need to hold the cops accountable for this investigation”.

While Gayton’s quest to gain access to the mystery room was fruitless, another Patriotic Alliance member did manage to do so on Thursday.


Meanwhile, Gayton followed up on another lead that he had received of a possible sighting of Joslin Smith at the Tygerberg Hospital on Wednesday.

According to a female witness, the little girl – who resembled Joslin – was seen with a black male. The concerned woman offered to buy the little girl a pie to eat but was rejected by the man.

Gayton has promised to find the CCTV footage of the incident.

“I have to investigate all leads. Right now, there are six people at different locations following up on leads”, he added.


Over the past few days, Gayton McKenzie has shared multiple updates with his followers and the community of Saldanha Bay.

This includes:

Joslin Smith’s mother, Kelly, and stepfather, Jacquin Appollis, have passed their lie detector test, which he facilitated. A third person – who was in the house – also passed. The trio denied involvement in the disappearance of Joslin.
Conflict of information of who sent Joslin to another home to play with children.
Tracking down another person who claims the occupants of the house were smoking drugs when Joslin went missing.
Claims Joslin was taken to a farm to be sold for muthi. Promise to search the farm with sniffer dogs.
Promise to keep vigilance over whom he believes are suspects and suspicious locations.
Offering a R250 000 reward from his own money on information that will wind Joslin.


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