JR BOGOPA shows his sympathy and love for the late AKA

JR BOGOPA shows his sympathy and love for the late AKA

The rapper was gunned down outside the WISH restaurant in Durban with his friend and former manager Tibz Tebello Motsoane.

Jr was a close friend and collaborator with AKA on music.

Following the news about his passing he posted: “It’s too much to really deal with but I believe we will learn to live with it. I’m gonna miss you, Forbes, this one really hurt I’m not gonna lie.”

On Tuesday evening Jr took to social media to reflect on their friendship.

“A friendship build on business is better than a business built on friendship” this is one of my favorite quotes and that’s how we started, well kinda. First it was through 247/366 we did the Do It remix and it was smooth sailing from there 2 laptops in the studio all the time. I miss you champ. #KJF”


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Rouge is one of the rappers AKA put on earlier on.

Along with Nadia, Fifi Cooper AKA put Rouge on in the Baddest remix all-female edition. Rouge went on to do major things since then.

Reflecting on Kiernan’s passing, Rouge posted:

“None of this feels real. Kiernan, you were something else. I’m blessed to have had the chance to be around you. You had been nothing but incredible to me since the very first day you met me. You literally gave me a chance when nobody cared and you changed my life.
You always showed up for me from day one.”

She added that not many people got to see AKA’s goofy and caring side.

“Your calls were always funny and losing fifa against you one of my favorite times lol.

“Not many got to see the goofy caring side of such a legend. All you ever did was make me laugh and be so kind and guide me as a mentor. Prayers go out to your loved ones. I love you Supa Mega. Changed my life. Rest easy king. Long Live Super Mega.”

Sho Madjozi also wrote a heartfelt tribute for AKA
“He wasn’t easy, he was flawed and we fought many times, but at his best he was the most genuine and giving person you could ever meet.

“What stands out to me the most right now is that AKA was someone who went for it. Who got his hands dirty and really got involved in life. Who never gave less than his best. Who tried passionately, flourishing and sometimes failing right there in front of all of us. He took music seriously, he took this industry seriously. He reinvented himself over and over, giving his everything and always with a dramatic flair.

“He bought into this game called life, and approached it like it was worth playing.

“It doesn’t overcome death but it does make death less proud to know that it has taken someone who really lived. All my love to your mother, your daughter and all your loved ones, Kiernan. Go well.”

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