Jub Jub and his team help a Sangoma discover her boyfriend’s cheating

Jub Jub and his team help a Sangoma discover her boyfriend’s cheating

In South Africa, Sunday nights between 21:00 and 22:00 belongs to Jub Jub and his entire Uyajola 99 crew as viewers stay glued to the television sets waiting for their favorite show, they know that they will be treated to some entertaining show as Uyajola 99 attends to a complaint from a person who is worried about their partner’s behavior.

A lady from Bloemfontein by the name of Mamokete wrote to the show complaining that her boyfriend is behaving strangely these days and his phone is forever on flight mode whenever they are together, she said that makes her suspicious of his dodgy behavior.

“My name is Mamokete, I am 38 years old and I wrote to Uyajola since I suspect that my boyfriend Tabula has changed, he hary ever answers his phone and he tells me about the network, when we are together, his phone is always on flight mode, he has just been dodgy, these days and I suspect he is cheating on me,” she said.

When they went to confront the guy, they found him at the police station and Mamokete was fuming and she started to beat both Tabula and his side chick, it turned out that he lied and told the other woman that he has broken up with Mamokete, she was so furious and ended up saying that he is not even good in bed since he is a 2 minutes noodle.

At some point, while he realised he was in trouble with his women, he focused on Jub Jub and promised him that he is going to bewitch him for interefering on his business.

“You will see what I will do to you, I am going to bewitch you, I will deal with you, I am going to deal with you harshily, he will see, I am going to show him something,” Tabula said as he Promises Jub Jub that he will bewitch him,” Tabula said.

As the confrontation continued, Tabula even asked Jub Jub if he is a man and questioned him if he has ever cheated or anything, if he is a real man of which he replied and said he has cheated a lot of times.

At the end of the episode, Tabula ran off since he tried a couple of times to get into a taxi, but he was pulled out of the taxi in both occassions, this time around, he ran away leaving Jub Jub and the whole crew not knowing whether to chase him or not.

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