Jub Jub reveals he saw something he wasn’t supposed to see. It’s shocking

Jub Jub reveals he saw something he wasn’t supposed to see. It’s shocking

Uyajola 99 host and rapper Jub Jub doesn’t understand how some South African celebrities act. The rapper saw an event that didn’t sit well with him. He went on video to slam those celebrities who treat their fans badly and asked that they are doing better.


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“So you’ve got fans that are supporting you. Fans that are buying your music, fans that are following you guys. you recognize fans that are supporting you thru your career and they’ve been there. You guys are so heartless that you simply forgot where you grew up.” Said the Ndikhokhele hitmaker. ”Some of you all may need been multi-racial kids and grew up in mansions. But there are people who grew up in four rooms, one rooms but you guys forgot where you come from and are treating fans badly. I don’t like that. Humble yourselves and treat these people right because if you don’t roll in the hay then it’ll be a drag . You don’t want your fans switching abreast of you.”

“I saw something I WASN’T alleged to SEE. Let’s treat one another right ‼️‼️‼️you don’t s*#•t frozen dessert TSEK….”Posted a concerned Jub Jub.


The musician has also received his justifiable share of criticism. In May, he was criticized for allegedly getting his son Christian’s birthday dates wrong. On the 5th of May 2021, Jub penned a heartfelt birthday message to his little man.
“Happy birthday my boy, during this life i would like nothing but the simplest for you… you growing up so fast and that i can’t wait to wrap my arms around you. i really like YOU SO MUCH”

Some fans are, however, convinced that he got the date wrong as Christian’s mom Kelly Khumalo didn’t post any on social media thereon day. She penned a sweet birthday message on the 12th of May. “My heart during a human form. #ItsA11 once I say I got you, I got you not the opposite way around. you recognize this,” posted Kelly.

The singer hasn’t been the most important fan of Jub Jub. In an interview with Linda Mbuso on Close 2 Music, she opened about her relationship with the rapper.

“You spoken at length about this and that i think it’s not even necessary for us to travel into it tons . Jub Jub quickly, that was a really toxic space for you and that i read that you simply said toxic was undermining how bad it had been ,” asked Linda Mbuso.

“Toxic is an irony – it had been really bad. Hence even now, I even have no desire to ascertain the guy. Even hearing his name mak