Jub-Jub surprises fans with this secret about Amanda Du Pont

Jub-Jub surprises fans with this secret about Amanda Du Pont


Getting Jub job on Moja Love must have been a difficult and controversial decision but it worked out in the end, Uyajola 99 became the biggest show on Dstv. Jub Jub said that he is tired of being quiet, and the interview he did with MacG is just a piece of so many stories that he is going to share with us.

Jub Jub and Amanda Du Pont’s secrets are out and one cannot help but gush over Jub Jub for coming out like this about his relationship with Amanda. Jub Jub was in an interview with MacG at chillas when he revealed the woman he once smashed.

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One of social media influencer finally took it to social media to expose the relationship of Amanda and Jub Jub when he was still in prison. Mzansi were left in shock and Misbelief to find out that the SkeemSaam actress Amanda Du Pont popular known as Lelo Mthiyane used to date him. It is said that she used to visit him in prison.

With caption: “Seems like Amanda du Pont is was visiting Jub Jub in prison 👀#macg”

No wonder why Amanda finally found her prince charming baby girl has been through a lot. I remember seeing this pic ko Sunday world, but the baby girl “was not available for comment “ when the story broke. Jub Jub was in a relationship with Amanda du Pont before Kelly Khumalo. He revealed that he wanted to hit and run but unfortunately, Kelly Khumalo got pregnant.
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Mzansi still finds it hard to believe that Amanda once has a relationship with Jub Jun. Mzansi holds belief that Amanda was at the prison for some outreach work years after their relationship, the two were over everything and were gracious to take a pic with him. Apparently, Jub Jub broke up with Amanda du Pont because of Kelly Khumalo. Jub Jub has accused Kelly Khumalo of using muthi to loose him. He reveals and exposes Kelly Khumalo for using muthi on him.

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There’s nothing wrong with using #muthi Jub Jub must be very careful to label that as #witchcraft. I’m not saying Kelly is NOT a witch,she probably is. Or Jub Jub is the witch or both of them – I don’t know,but. We cannot demonise #AfricanSpirituality