Jub Jub’s apology is trashed as “fake”


Jub Jub’s apology is trashed as “fake”

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The internet was shaken when rapper Jub Jub made some damning accusations on Podcast and Chill With MacG. Not only did he divulge intimate details of his relationship with actress Amanda Du Pont, he also called his baby mama Kelly Khumalo a witch, and said that she must have used muti on him to make him leave Amanda for her.

Cards have been falling left and right since that interview. And just recently, his employer, Moja Love threatened him. They issued a letter saying they support women, and do not want to work with someone who is on record trashing them. So unless he issues Kelly an apology, he will lose his job as the host of Uyajola 9/9.

Not long after the threat was issued, the rapper went on social media to share his official statement of apology.

But his apology seems to have fallen on deaf ears, as Kelly has been minding her business and focusing on her music, and is yet to respond to his plea. Even their fans are starting to notice the radio silence is odd, especially after Jub Jub did something that many thought was big.

His apology has split Mzansi in two, though. Fans of the rapper think that it was great of him to swallow his pride and issue the apology. As many have said, it takes a great man to admit that he was wrong and to apologize in public, and Kelly should forgive him, if not for his or her sake, then at least for the sake of their son, Christian.

But the Empini hitmaker’s fans think otherwise. They believe there was nothing genuine about that apology, and that he only did it because Moja Love basically forced him to. They think he does not have much going for him careerwise, so he is desperate to cling to hosting Uyajola 9/9.

Others think that if his apology was truly genuine, it would have come earlier, or at least before he was threatened by Moja Love. They further think that the wording of the letter makes it even worse, as he says his statements were taken out of context. But there is literally video evidence of him suggesting that Kelly is a witch, so there is really no way that could have been “taken out of context”.

Either way, he said that he had not wanted to make a public scene of his apology to Kelly, and never meant for everything to get so publicly angry. Perhaps Kelly is handling the whole saga with him privately, in accordance with his wishes. But time will tell, won’t it?

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