Jubjub single iNumber Number is available

Jubjub single iNumber Number is available

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Jujub is a South African rapper and a television host to a show called Uyajola9/9 on Mojalove. Jujub is famously known for his talent of rapping and he has been realizing new music since he came out of jail. Remember Jubjub was arrested for driving drunk and killed for children who were coming from school few years ago. He stated that he learnt and paid for his actions and he is not proud of his behavior, since that moment Jubjub has been drinking responsibly because he does not want the history to repeat itself.
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Jubjub has taken to Twitter to share the exciting news about his announcement of new music, his single is called iNumber Number and it is available to all the streaming services as he stated. Jubjub always delivers hits to his fans. He has already have a song with Dr Malinga called Uyajola9/9, he has a song featuring multiple South African singers on Ndikhokhele which did really great and he donated all the money to the family of the children he killed on the accident. To be honest Jubjub is a very nice person since he came out of prison he definitely learnt a thing or two from prison.

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It clear that Jubjub did not lose any fans when he was in jail because since he came people most people love him even more and he has got many followers on his Social Media pages. His show called Uyajola9/9 is the most watched show on Sundays and it is always trending each and every week. His work and dedication proves that he is really talented. His hard work have earned him a special place in people’s hearts after everything he has been through we wish him a very successful life.