it ended in tears: Jubjub was hit during the recording.

it ended in tears: Jubjub was hit during the recording.


Molemo Marohanye better known as Jubjub is a South African artist and a TV personality. The artist is known to present a show called Uyajola 99 whereby, people write to their show when they suspect their partners are cheating on them. Jubjub and his team, do some investigations to see if indeed there is cheating involved or what.
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Uyajola 99 is an amazing show and people never want to miss the show since it is funny. Some don’t like how people are being exposed on-screen. They don’t like that their private things are being on TV.

We have seen in so many occasions that people who were caught cheating, find themselves wanting to beat up Jubjub for exposing and getting into their private life.

Jubjub was recording in a place called Welkom in the Free State province when he was physically attacked by the guy who was caught cheating. The guy gave Jubjub a few slaps and people were trying to calm the guy down. The other guy who was with the cheater tried throwing an empty bottle on the presenter Jubjub. Jubjub and his crew ran away and the crowd that was there tried to beat up the cheater and the other guy for beating up Jubjub.

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