Julius Malema gave Mac G a piece of his mind on his alleged homophobic tendencies

Julius Malema gave Mac G a piece of his mind on his alleged homophobic tendencies

Sol Phenduka Julius Malema and MacG Picture Instagram Julius Malema gave Mac G a piece of his mind on his alleged homophobic tendencies

Podcaster MacG’s head has always been on the chopping block for his remarks regarding women and homosexuals. His brand has been associated with being transphobic and he never held back when it came to bashing women on several occasions.

Politician Julius Malema gave him a piece of his mind when he was a guest on Podcast And Chill where he schooled MacG on how to address such topics.

Malema shared his thoughts on people wanting to cancel others because of their offensive views. He included MacG in those group of people and said he should be educated instead of cancelled.

“MacG, even if he’s got disrespect for women and gays and lesbians, we have a responsibility to educate him and we can’t educate him by screaming at him from a distance,” said Malema.

“I told him when I was on his podcast how South Africans feel about his conduct and behaviour. So I’m not going to sit away as a pastor from prisons because when I go to pray for murderers in prison and rapists I will be told; ‘yeah, by going there, you are also encouraging what you are saying you’re standing against’. I will still even speak to rapists themselves and try to persuade them to do the right thing.”

Malema said he hopes MacG will then become a better person in future, “Whether he is going to change or not, a message has been delivered not through gossip but right to his face and through direct engagement with him, we hope he will become a better person,” he said.

Julius Malema has been very vocal about the entertainment industry and even his views on suicide sparked debate. This was after rapper Riky Rick took his own life where he said he does not agree with people taking their own lives. Instead, they should be more vocal about their troubles. .

“Artists are not being supported in South Africa and that’s a big problem, but I don’t agree with people who take their lives. I don’t even attend funerals of people who commit suicide.”

“If we are going to resort to that then our children will no longer speak to us. We just wake up in the morning, they have committed suicide. Personally, I have gone through a lot and I’ve never thought of suicide as a solution,” he said.

Julius then encouraged men to speak out, “We need to encourage our people to speak. You will become a laughing stock for that time, but a solution will be found, there’s always a solution. There are no problems that can not be solved – especially men, they must learn to ask for help. You will only be assisted if you ask for help,” he concluded.

MacG’s episodes have been very political lately as he had Democratic Alliance leader John Steenhuisen.

He shared his own political views and said, “People should take away race and look at who is better equipped to take this country forward. Even if it’s the DA and they are while, let them be. Whether it’s still EFF or the ANC we’re still getting fu***d. I actually think what we need is, you know what Bitcoin did to the financial sector, we need something like that ‘a disruptor’ that is innovative and futuristic because political things does not make sense. How do you give a minority of people to make decisions for a majority, it makes no sense, it’s a cake” said MacG.