Julius Malema had a strong reason for not attending Riky Rick’s funeral

Julius Malema had a strong reason for not attending Riky Rick’s funeral

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Ricky Rick’s untimely death surprised many people. Though to those who followed him closely, they saw the signs of depression in him. Julius Malema was invited by Tbo Touch on his show on Metro FM where he mesmerized the listeners with his deejaying skills. Many people praised Julius for his authenticity and that he is in touch with people on the ground.

Julius Malema on why he didn’t attend the late Riky Rick’s funeral.

Julius Malema said, “I don’t agree with people who take their lives. I don’t even attend the funeral of people who commit suicide. I don’t do that. I believe that Ricky Rick could have spoken to us because if we resort to that our children will just wake up and commit suicide. You must speak. Personal, myself, I have gone through a lot ..,”

And Tbo Touch interjected him and said, I remember one time you had a camping chair in your house,

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Julius continued and said they took everything but they missed the camping chair.

Julius said we must encourage our people to speak. He said you will be a laughing stock for that time. A solution will be found. There is always a solution. Especially men must learn speak. Must learn to ask for help, must scream for help, and help will come.

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TBo Touch added and said even if you look like a fool, and Malema went on and said Yes, Just be a fool a fool of that time. Someone is going to hear you and someone going to help you. There is always a solution. Let’s find a solution. Killing yourself is not the solution. He is not judging but he is just saying people must speak when they got problems.

People need to realize that suicide is a result of an illness and not a selfish act and as much as we cannot normalize suicide we also cannot cure it by tough love, depression is an illness and it should be treated as such.

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