Julius Malema honors the Legend Ronnie Nyakale

Julius Malema honors the Legend Ronnie Nyakale

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Unfortunately South Africa has lost a lot of legends in the entertainment industry in recent years and it is very sad that most of the time we honor and cherish the legends of South Africa after they are gone, so it was great to reach out to people on various social media sites like Twitter see and Facebook, appreciation for the legends of South Africa when they were with us.

For example, a South African Twitter user paid tribute to legendary South African actor Ronnie Nyakale when he was alive, posted a photo of himself and asked people on Twitter to retweet his post if they agreed that Ronnie Nyakale was a legend.

And the EFF Commander-in-Chief Julius Malema emphatically agrees that Ronnie Nyakale is a South African legend because he paid homage to him by improving his release.

No doubt, Ronnie Nyakale is one of the few South African artist who is really impacting the younger generation with his art. While others encourage the lavish and extravagant lifestyle, Ronnie Nyakale’s music speaks volumes and truth and he indeed is a living legend.

What are your thoughts concerning Julius malema’s acknowledgement? Is the South African mucic industry improving or depleting in value?

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