K Naomi is bringing down the SA government on Twitter


K Naomi is bringing down the SA government on Twitter

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South African TV personality, actress, model, philanthropist, and businesswoman K Naomi. She is most recognized for her work as the host of the television show Top Entertainment, which is owned by Top One Entertainment. This part, which she co-starred in with AKA, Chanelle Ellaya, and Ayanda Thabethe, was the one that catapulted her to fame back in 2012.

K Naomi has resorted to social media to criticize the administration. This comes after the African National Congress (ANC) government, in collaboration with medical specialists in the country, recently announced the discovery of a new COVID19 variation in South Africa.

According to the article, the variation has also been discovered in Hong Kong and Botswana. However, the news is particularly concerning because it has been reported that the virus has mutated into the super-variant. According to reports, medical specialists are dubious if the new strain can be effectively blocked by the immunizations at this time.

“Guys are you sure we are not being scammed?” Naomi inquired.
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K Naomi is at the vanguard of those who are not buying the news, as is the case with many others. She did, however, admit that she is not certain about the report that inquired as to whether or not they had been duped.

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