K Naomi shares a video of her engagement day

K Naomi shares a video of her engagement day

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K Naomi has taken to her Instagram account to give us a glimpse of her engagement by sharing a beautiful clip of the special day.

K Naomi recently said ‘Yes’ to the big question and said “I remember my fiancé saying this: “Someday when you want to, and you feel my vibe, I will show you how a queen is meant to be treated…” this was before we even started dating and I didn’t want to give him time of day. You’ve done exactly that from the day 1,” she wrote.

The engagement took place in Cape Town at the Quoin Rock Wine Estate in Stellenbosch. The beautiful wine estate is a romantic venue popular for weddings and engagement ceremonies and it has become a favorite place for Instagrammers.
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Quin Rock is home to an elegant botanical garden with some breathtaking mountain views. K Naomi’s bae pulled out all the stops to make sure that they had an unforgettable engagement. They had a band performing for them and the bride-to-be couldn’t stop sobbing after the engagement.

She captioned the beautiful clip “All I want to chase is beautiful dreams with youA snippet of a beautiful moment. I’m so grateful and truly blessed to be loved and to be embarking on this journey with the coolest guy on earth, my bestie!”

Celebs and her fans haven’t stopped congratulating her on her engagement.

Leratokganyago “You one of the kindest people I know in the industry. You deserve it.”

Pearlmodiadie “Your fairytale. I’m so happy for you.”


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It is beautiful to see in love again following her breakup with Shimza. The two apparently broke up in 2017 and their breakup seems it was not amicable. When their relationship ended she shared several cryptic messages about love and heartbreak.

K Naomi at the time posted on her Insta Story a picture of herself and Shimza with the caption: “Thanks for breaking me”. She also said: “I made you my world and you didn’t get it. Now it’s an issue that I’m living my own life, without you.”

A heartbroken K Naomi also shared an email from Shimza, which he signed “yours in music” which trended on Twitter with many weighing in on the matter
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She previously dated The River star and TV presenter Lunga Shabalala. Opening up about their breakup, she said, “Things didn’t work out. I don’t think it was our time. He’s doing great in the industry; girls are flocking. I think it’s not an issue, what the issue is how he entertains them or… fits a line between respect and trying too hard..