AKA gives SABC 48 hours to Remove Cassper Nyovest from The Braai Show

AKA gives SABC 48 hours to Remove Cassper Nyovest from The Braai Show

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The Fela in Versace hitmaker says he signed a deal with MakhuduCom Media in March last year to develop programming that would be broadcast on AKA TV by the firm, according to his legal advisers, Tailor Made Legal Solutions. Part of the letter reads, “In accordance with the agreement, the parties agreed that the entire copyright (whether vested contingent or future) and all other rights in and to the work created, including merchandising or remake rights of whatever nature, would be jointly vested in the parties, being MakhudoCom and our client.”

MakhuduCom, on the other hand, announced in October of the same year that it couldn’t afford the show’s production expenditures, which were to be handled by Bar leader. “As a result, Makhudu entered into a Deed of Cession and Assignment Agreement with Cake Media, under which Makhudu relinquished all of its rights and entitlement to the show to Cake Media in exchange for Cake Madia paying all outstanding and future production costs,” the letter continues.

According to the letter, Cake Media and AKA were now joint right owners after taking over the reins from MakhuduCom. “Cake Media reached a deal with the South African Broadcasting Corporation for the commissioning of the show to be aired on traditional television in November 2020 or shortly thereafter. Cake Media and our client signed a service level agreement for shooting outstanding episodes of the show.”

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AKA appears to have agreed to the terms of the service level agreement since he completed the remaining episodes of the show.

According to AKA, the SABC approached Cake Media in February with the purpose to “renew the arrangement and begin shooting season two of the show.” “When negotiations began, our client was involved in these discussions and onboard to remain as the show’s host and/or as the key industry star in the second season.”

The rapper claims that he had a personal setback just as he was about to begin filming season two of the show, making it impossible for him to continue with his responsibilities. “In April 2021, our client encountered unforeseen and tragic circumstances, which we do not intend to describe in this letter, which rendered it difficult for him to continue as the show’s presenter in the development of its second season,” the letter states. “Our client has tried to talk about his legal stake in the show, but he keeps getting directed to the Service Level Agreement and Cession agreements, both of which he has completed his obligations and is not a party to.”

After everything that has happened, the musician and his legal team have made their requests, which include canceling the show’s upcoming broadcast or facing a court injunction. The following is an excerpt from one of the demands:

“In these circumstances, we have been directed to demand, and we do so now:

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1. A 50% share of all proceeds received in connection with the show as a joint copyright owner. This includes, but is not limited to, proceeds from the channel, i.e. SABC, sponsorship, or anything else related to the show’s promotion and furtherance.

2. Appropriate credit as the show’s executive producer.

3. A copy of the agreement between the SABC and Cake Media, as well as all other agreements with third parties, such as sponsors, brands, and/or any other party involved in the show.

4. To demand that you provide an undertaking to cancel the show’s scheduled airing on September 8th, as stated in the SABC’s Twitter account on Monday, August 9th.”

The actor has given SABC 48 hours to respond to the letter, otherwise the show would be canceled on September 8, 2021, according to the star.

“The SABC can confirm receipt of the letter from AKA’s legal team, and we will handle this matter accordingly,” says the spokesperson. It is important to clarify, however, that Cake Media owns and licenses the show in question to the SABC. The production firm, not the SABC, makes all presenter decisions, according to Gugu Ntuli, the SABC’s executive for corporate relations and marketing.